Wireless audio – DLNA compatible audio renderer

Wireless Music Playback

Beaming music from smartphones to HiFi speakers is the future of music consumption. Craftwork has developed a bespoke UPNP/DLNA compatible audio renderer to receive the music stream. The DLNA component is specifically designed and optimised for embedded devices and cuts hardware costs significantly. The DLNA software is a key component in beaming music to amplifiers and wireless speakers.

UPNP/DLNA Compliance

With the Craftwork Wireless Audio DLNA compatible library you get a solution that implements all protocols and functionality required for UPNP and DLNA compliance:

  • SSDP components provide seamless discovery of devices on the network
  • SOAP components enable remote procedure calls between devices
  • GENA components enable subscription to and notification of each other’s events without maintaining an open connection

Integrated in the DLNA software is an HTTP client/server and a micro XML parser. The library includes source codes and is intended for integration into turnkey solutions by hardware vendors and system integrators.

Easy-to-integrate DLNA software

The library relies on a simple hardware abstraction layer designed to be easily portable to a broad range of MCUs like ARM Cortex-M3 and ARM Cortex-M4. The source code is compiled for a wide range of tool-chains and OSs like FreeRTOS, ThreadX, Keil, TrueStudio, IAR and YAGARTO.

The application layer integration is open for maximised audio quality of the target hardware. High-end audio decoders and DACs can be integrated directly in the application layer.

Key features of DLNA software

  • Verified on ARM Cortex-M3 and ARM Cortex-M4 microprocessors
  • High performance, small footprint
  • Source code
  • Integration supported by Craftwork

Performance Footprint