SAT>IP redefines how satellite television is distributed in the home. It is similar to IPTV, but has improved picture quality and more choices.

Craftwork, a pioneer of SAT>IP technology, and co-author of the SAT>IP standard, offers a range of off-the-shelf software solutions enabling manufacturers to rapidly develop and launch new SAT>IP devices.

Craftwork partners will have access to cost-efficient, pre-developed server and client solutions, and the opportunity to draw on Craftwork’s expertise in the integration and certification of SAT>IP products.

Craftwork’s proven technology and thorough experience with SAT>IP solutions significantly shorten the time to market for servers as well as client products. What’s more, Craftwork supplies end-to-end support for SAT>IP product testing and certification process launching.

SAT>IP Server

The server is a ready-to-integrate turnkey solution. It supports any number of tuners, highly optimised channel changing, web interface for setup and diagnostics, and support for over-the-air updates. The SAT>IP Server supports DVB-S/S2/T/T2.

The SAT>IP Server is platform agnostic with ports for Broadcom and ST ready.

SAT>IP Client

The client implements the client side of the SAT>IP protocol, and is ready to be integrated into televisions and set-top boxes. The SAT>IP client is delivered complete with source codes, documentation, and engineering support.

About SAT>IP

SAT>IP sets a new standard for the distribution of DVB-S/S2 content via IP. Co-developed between SES, BSkyB and Craftwork, SAT>IP makes the distribution of the physical layer of the satellite contents agnostic.

The SAT>IP technology enables users of portable and IP devices to watch rich satellite programmes on their favourite platforms, such as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, or any other network device. The installation and distribution cost can also be significantly reduced by using Multicast and Unicast systems of their choice in SMARTV systems in hotels and flats.

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