Luna TV Browser

Luna is a revolutionary new application engine for Set-top boxes and Televisions.

It includes a blazingly fast graphics engine designed for Televisions, a modern and open JavaScript development environment and innovations like Blur, Glass, Glossy effects and even support for remote Helpdesk.

Luna applications are easy to write, they run great and align front-end with back-end technology.

Unifying front-end/back-end development

Luna is based on Node.js providing an incredibly fast and versatile JavaScript application environment. Node.js is an open framework for JavaScript application development, packing Google’s V8 engine and a scalable event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

With Node.js you get an application development environment that removes the barriers of traditional HTML5 environment. Business logic usually confined to the middleware can now be developed in JavaScript reducing development turn-around for new features.

Furthermore Node.js is designed for modern REST-full applications offering much better alignment of front-end and backend-side development.

Unparalleled graphics performance

With Luna we have removed all technology blockers to delivering an amazing modern UI experience.

The completely new graphics engine is optimized for low-end embedded hardware. It is designed from bottom up to deliver a consistent framerate of 50 frames/second while still providing an easy-to-use, modern API based graphics API designed for TV UI development.

The result outperforms all other JavaScript application engines on the market today – and even bespoke C++ implementations.

Luna packs amazing possibilities never seen before in a Set-top box environment such as real-time blur, glass effect, HSL color correction, glossy shine and easy 2d to 3d UI mapping.

Having developed many UI applications for TV’s over the years we know what developers need, so we have included fine-tuning API control of image loading, font rendering and much more.

The result is a TV browser offering visually stunning and complex scenes at 50 fps/1080p resolutions.


Luna is easy to port to new hardware requiring only standard OpenGL ES 2.0.

Ports are ready for Broadcom 7230 (720p), Broadcom 7252, Broadcom 7241 (1080p), ST iH412 (1080p), and Raspberry PI 2 (1080p). Simulator and SDK available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Luna comes pre-integrated with WyPlay middleware.

Luna TV browser

Luna TV browser

Luna TV browser

Luna TV browser

Luna features

  • Application Engine designed for Television UI development.
  • Powerful development environment based on Node.js and Google V8 JavaScript engine.
  • Amazing GPU hardware performance significantly outperforming HTML5 browsers.
  • Built-in visual effect like Blur, Glass, Glossy and HLS Color correction.


  • Resolutions up to 4K and 3D TV support.
  • Built-in introspection API for automating testing and remoting the UI to Helpdesk.
  • Video texture support (if supported on target hardware and middleware).
  • Simulator and SDK for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX.

Product information sheet

LUNA information sheet


Softwarestack - Luna TV browser

Luna Tv Browser Demo Reel

Click the video to see the Luna Tv Browser Demo Reel.


Request Luna SDK

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