Universal Plug and Play

Craftwork offers a fully compliant UPnP 1.0 software stack optimized for low energy, reduced footprint microcontrollers. The software stack can be used to build any DLNA device. Craftwork also delivers reference implementation for the most popular device types, for instance DLNA Audio Renderer.

Get Connected

Connecting your products to the gadgets used by end-users in their daily lives, be it smartphones, tablets or laptops, is quickly becoming a priority for all manufacturers.

However solutions that work across many different types of devices and home networks is is complex and time consuming. To solve this Craftwork deliver production ready software solutions based on the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) standard.

UPnP is an open standard for zero-configuration discovery and communication between devices in a home network. UPnP will add customer value by ease-of-use and will increase awareness of your product and brand by getting presence on your customers personal smartdevice.

Craftwork fully supports UPnP optimized for microcontrollers and SoC’s. We deliver a complete software stack ready for production, as well as custom solutions and consulting services.

Hardware Abstraction Layer

The Craftwork MCU DLNA technology is built to be easily portable to a broad range of MCU’s for example ARM Cortex-M3 and ARM Cortex-M4. The source code has been compiled for a wide range of toolchains and OS’s.

The Hardware Abstraction Layer requires Berkeley Sockets (or equivalent) and basic OS primitives datetime, threads, mutexes and semaphores to run DLNA.

Standards included

The Craftwork MCU DLNA technology is an implementation of the UPnP standards required to support any DLNA Device.

Using our API building blocks you can quickly define and support any DLNA device, or select to support the standards important for your business goals.

  • The SSDP component provides seamless Discovery of appliances on the network.
  • The SOAP component provides remote procedure calls between appliances.
  • With the GENA component one can subscribe to events on other appliances and be notified without maintaining an open connection to that appliance.

Additionally the Craftwork MCU DLNA technology includes helper APIS to build any type of DLNA device, and implements all other standards also required by UPnP such as HTTP Client/Server and XML parsing.

Digital Living Network Alliance

Craftwork supports major Home Network Device classes defined by DLNA 1.5 for vendor independent device inter-operability. These include Digital Media Server, Player, Renderer and Controller.

Benefits of UPnP

  • Zero configuration. No need for configuration and registering. Users simply plugs in your product and it will connect to all other compatible devices automatically.
  • Open architecture based on established internet standards. Therefore no special device drivers are required, common network protocols are used.
  • Does not require access to open internet or servers. A direct communication link between devices on the network is automatically established.
  • UPnP works on both wired and wireless networks.
  • Support from major industry participants and built-in support in operating systems.

About UPnP

UPnP was started in 2003 as an alliance between major hardware and software industry participants to promote true plug and play technology based on open standards.

Today 240 companies have joined the alliance, and over 1 billion UPnP devices are already deployed in end-user homes. This number is expected to increase to 2 billion by 2016.

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