Internet of Things

The IoT is becoming increasingly important. But to install and secure a reliable communication between the devices in an IoT infrastructure can be complex. Craftwork has years of internet infrastructure experience and believes that everyone deserves a user-friendly experience right from the start.

Craftwork’s eConnect solution can ensure that this happens as it takes any complexity out of the process.

eConnect - the IOT solution from Craftwork


Our eConnect solution ensures that installation of a new IoT device is easy and enjoyable. eConnect enables smarthones, tablets, and PCs to automatically locate any IoT in the home – hassle-free, and with minimal user intervention.

Staying in touch

Once an IoT device has been discovered, its ID is stored enabling the end-user to connect to the device, anytime, anywhere. If temporarily disconnected, the device will even remain available as an off-line device.

Cloud device

eConnect converts an IoT device into a cloud device. Once a device has been detected, it will be accessible as a REST service on the internet, making IoT devices easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructures.

Key features

  • Automatic installation and network discovery of devices
  • Conversion of devices into cloud web services accessible through a REST interface
  • Uninterrupted services, even with disconnected target devices
  • Secure and encrypted communication
  • Push notification through WebSockets
  • Small footprint. Runs on ARM Cortex M2, M3, M4 and up
  • Source codes and integration support


Softwarestack - eConnect, the IOT solution from Craftwork