The Success

Our software is deployed in millions of devices worldwide, which is a testimonial that we can deliver high-quality, robust solutions to meet the demands of leading operators, hardware manufacturers and system integrators.

Today, we are proud to work closely together with some of the most successful companies in the industry.

The Way

With a vision to create excellent software and create amazing user experiences, Craftwork was formed in 2003 by leading digital TV software engineers, Søren Mou Jakobsen and Joel Ostrowski, both of whom retain key roles within the company as CEO and CTO.

Our goal is to offer technical excellence all while retaining a pragmatic and an easy-to-talk-to attitude. What’s more, we meet every challenge with a can-do attitude.

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CEO Soren Mou Jakobsen
Søren Mou Jakobsen
Co-founder & CEO

CTO Joel Ostrowski
Joel Ostrowski
Co-founder & CTO